Tech Support

Our Technical Services Team at WCT provides data storage technical support and customer care.

Pre-Sales, our team will make recommendations on solutions, based on your current environment, future growth, requirements and budgets.  With multiple manufacturers products to choose from, we have the opportunity to offer you the right product, not just the model currently available.  We recognize that not every single manufacturer has the right fit for your environment and budget, and will advise you for what is in your best interest.

Post-Sales, we offer tech support on our products during the hours 7am to 6pm PST Monday through Friday, and Our Field Systems Team is on call to assist with any urgent issues. 

All WCT products carry a 1-3 year manufacturer’s warranty.  Most manufacturers offer extended warranties for up to 10 years and WCT can assist with this.  We can also assist with any hardware replacements


Do you want more information or have a question?

Please call or send us an email. A data storage expert will get back to you as soon as possible.


Phone: (949) 360-9048 – Direct

Hours: 8am – 5pm, Monday-Friday