WCT holds our own GSA Contract to help facilitate your procurement requirements and ensure you receive the highest standards of quality. WCT delivers an ideal solution for government organizations to leverage their information assets and meet growing data demands. Our high availability and mission-ready systems facilitate robust, long-term performance and data protection to ensure your agency has viable solutions for today and tomorrow.

Media & Entertainment

To keep up with the 4K, 8K and even higher-resolution video workflows, you’ll need storage with high performance for editing, scalability for massive files, and shared content access for collaboration. Adding into this mix are demands for cost-effective solutions for tight production budgets, high internal expectations and short delivery requirements. Our hands-on customer service and full line of offerings from multiple storage manufacturers will have you covered.

Financial Services

Need data fast? Most banking and financial institutions require high speed data for banking, credit apps, data analytics, AI and more. Our full line of storage offerings brings you lightning-fast speed and highly dependable systems with all-time availability for user-sensitive applications. Our hybrid storage lines also gives you flexibility to optimize SSD speed alongside massive capacity low cost spinning drives. Your data is ultra-secure with our IDR, SED, S.M.A.R.T and non-volatile cache proprietary technologies and AES-256 encryption.


Doctors and patients can access medical records and images securely anytime and anywhere with quick access, end-to-end data protection, and complete availability on our Storage offerings. Our hybrid storage lines gives you access to combine all your unstructured and structured data into one array with scalability to 12.5PB on-premise storage and infinite cloud storage. Run VDI for the hospital staff seamlessly and utilize tiered storage to speed up information exchange and image archiving.

Security & Surveillance

Security demands have driven the massive increase in video data storage for surveillance. A systematic and complete surveillance system requires a high capacity storage system with a steady throughput from HD cameras, storing surveillance videos. Our products are fully certified with most VMS manufacturers and start with systems from 96 TBs to 12 PB’s of high available storage.   

Education & Academics

Education and learning today involve more data storage for collaboration, research, video, and security which means the growth and limited budgets for managing data can be overwhelming for many educational facilities. WCT has a complete line of storage witch allows you to do more with less by deploying our simple, highly flexible and cost-effective storage solutions to accommodate applications across the board from file sharing and e-learning, to digital libraries. Our rich selection of connectivity options, form factors, and optional cloud storage allow schools to meet present and future needs.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Organizations looking to store without interruption the massive amounts of data your HPC environment creates.  These applications require massive IO and generate data at extraordinary rates. WCT can manage both the bandwidth and transactions delivering the high-speed storage required by demanding HPC environments and the Lustre file systems.  WCT has options that include 100 GB throughput and 900k IOPS.  


Across all corporate disciplines, the ability to collect more data and to derive insight from data is leading to breakthrough discoveries feeding the data storage demand. WCT brings you the best combination of product lines and features to meet all your data storage requirements. Whether you need 900K IOPS, Petabytes of storage, speeds of up to 100MBps, user-friendly management tools, or warranties up to 10 years, we have you covered.


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