Ethernet Switches

Mellanox provides the highest performing Open Ethernet switch systems at speeds of 10/25/40/50/56/100Gb/s, enabling Data Centers, Cloud Computing, Storage, Web2.0 and High Performance Computing applications to operate at maximum functionality at any scale.

Mellanox SN2010 Switch

The SN2010 switch is the ideal top of rack (ToR) solution for small hyper-converged and storage deployments. Packed with 18 ports of 10/25GbE and 4 ports of 40/100GbE, the SN2010 can deliver up to 1.7Tb/s with 1.26Bpps processing capacity in a compact half width 1RU form factor.

Mellanox SN2100 Switch

The SN2100 carries a unique design to accommodate the highest rack performance. Its design allows side-by-side placement of two switches in a single 1RU slot of a 19” rack, delivering high availably to the hosts. The SN2100 accommodates 16 ports running at 100GbE, with throughput of 3.2Tb/s and a 2.38Bpps processing capacity.

Mellanox SN2410 Switch

The SN2410 has 8 ports running at 100GbE (can be split to 16 ports running 50GbE) and 48 ports running at 25GbE, carrying throughput of 4Tb/s with a 2.97Bpps processing capacity in a compact 1RU form factor. The SN2410 switch is an ideal top-of-rack (ToR) solution, allowing maximum flexibility, with port speeds spanning from 10Gb/s to 100Gb/s per port. Its optimized port configuration enables high-speed rack connectivity to any server at 10GbE or 25GbE speeds. 

Mellanox SN2700 Switch

The SN2700 carries a huge throughput of 6.4Tb/s, 32 ports at 100GbE, with a landmark 4.76Bpps processing capacity in a compact 1RU form factor. With port speeds spanning from 10Gb/s to 100Gb/s per port and a wide choice of QSFP transceivers and cables support. 


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