Quantum Tape Storage

Quantum’s Scalar tape library storage systems are used by tens of thousands of customers around the world, to provide long-term storage for compliance purposes, and for digital media and image archiving. Each of the Quantum Scalar tape libraries provides best-in-class storage density, from the 3U rackmountable Scalar i3, all the way up to the full data center aisle, 20+ frame Scalar i6000. Each of the Scalar libraries can be scaled simply with expansion modules and capacity-on-demand licensing.

Scalar i6000 Tape Library

Scalar i6000 is the Enterprise library with the industry’s best combination of capacity, security, and economy. A single unit can store up to 360 PB of data, and it scales using capacity-on-demand growth and slot-based pricing—so you get the densest and most economical storage now and in the future.

Scalar i6 Tape Library

Scalar i6 offers a unique solution to data center backup and long-term storage problems. Users can start with a single, 6U library unit and grow to fill an entire 48U rack with a single, integrated library that can store up to 24 petabytes of data—and you pay for the expanded capacity only when you need it. The result is a system that protects against ransomware and other threats at the industry’s lowest per-GB price for any rack-based system.

Scalar i3 Tape Library

Scalar® i3 tape library is designed for ease of use, from initial setup to ongoing management. Scalar i3 was designed specifically to give mid-sized IT environments the kind of protection provided by LTO media, while solving the problems associated with cost, scaling, and management. The Scalar i3 can start as a single, 3U unit, providing dense, cost-effective backup storage of up to 750 TB.  But then it can scale in 25-cartridge increments as data volumes increase—all the way up to 12 PB.

SuperLoader 3 Tape Library

The SuperLoader® 3 brings you a full suite of advanced features at an affordable price with easy integration, an intuitive user interface and compatibility with a broad range of backup software packages. And because you can easily expand from 8 to 16 cartridge slots, your investment is protected as your needs grow.


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