Hybrid Cloud

With WCT, we provide you with options to achieve the best of both on-premise and off-premise solutions in utilizing the hybrid cloud gateway feature on many SAN and NAS systems. Take advantage of the bi-directional hybrid cloud mobility alongside consistent storage services, resiliency, and APIs across your hybrid environment. Many intuitive data management features help you keep everything managed, orchestrated, and protected to adapt to unpredictable business and application demands on the fly.


Many All Flash and Scale-Out NAS systems bring the scalability and performance needed for the magnitude of AI. With many companies now utilizing AI to enhance their products and gain competitive advantages through better insights, a major challenge is the ability for data storage to deliver scalable speed with high IO in a simple and seamless environment for billions of objects and files. We design and deliver an easy to deploy scale-out platform that drives time to insight for modern analytics and AI workloads.


Virtualization requires high performance, massive capacity, flexible and reliable data storage for virtualization platforms.  WCT works with manufacturers to support the following mainstream virtualization platforms with manufacturer certification including: VMware ® vSphere™, Microsoft® Hyper-V®, and Citrix® XenServer™. This enables you to take advantage of the dramatic improvements in IT speed, efficiency, and flexibility that virtualization brings.


WCT’s portfolio of products include high-density comprehensive storage that provides the large capacity, availability and price-points required for surveillance. With no single point of failure, many of our storage arrays deliver greater than 99.999% availability. From 100 video cameras to 100,000, WCT designs our enterprise video-storage solutions to scale transparently meeting the demands from small to large-scale deployments.

Back-up and Recovery

WCT designs reliable solutions for back-up and recovery operations. This allows enterprises to meet business SLAs, protect data against operational issues, disaster and cyberattacks while staying within budget.  WCT storage solutions consist of backup software solution partners including Veeam, Veritas, Commvault and more. Within the data storage array controllers, many of our manufacturer features include snapshot, local and remote replication and a cloud gateway for additional backup and disaster recovery.


WCT recommends storage arrays with consistent database performance for optimizing your mission critical applications and supporting Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases.  We ensure the Online Transaction Process (OLTP) is highly stable with high IOPS and low latency. We also design a system solution that is very expandable allowing high scalability without performance degradation to meet the rapid response times required for database storage.


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