An up-to-the-minute copy of branch office data and applications can keep a bad day from getting worse.

Double-Take® RecoverNow for Windows protects entire servers continuously to disk, so you can rewind from an outage and fast forward through down time.

Double-Take RecoverNow is a single solution to bring your physical and virtual data protection together. It replicates efficiently at the byte level to reduce the impact of data protection on physical or virtual hosts, and is designed to replicate over limited bandwidth connections, enabling true disaster recovery capabilities.

Whatever the situation, RecoverNow has a recovery solution to fit. Single files can be restored from any point in time, down to the second, using continuous data protection (CDP). If the outage is more severe than just a deleted file, entire servers can easily be recovered to dissimilar hardware or automatically provisioned virtual machines.

The ability to recover physical servers virtually, and even convert back to physical when needed, unlocks the potential of your virtual environment to improve availability and lower recovery costs for your entire server infrastructure, including the physical servers.

Despite the strong continued adoption of virtualization in the datacenter, not every server is virtualized. Rather than manage two different data protection solutions, Double-Take RecoverNow can provide a single data protection solution for both physical and virtual servers that works efficiently and leverages virtualization to improve recovery.

Real-time replication at the byte-level spreads out the impact of data protection over time, rather than during backup windows
No need to recover an entire VM to recover data within it. Full-server replication stores a protected VM in an accessible format for easy validation and recovery of data within the VM.

  • Recover physical servers to automatically provisioned new VMs
  • Supports both VMware Vsphere or Microsoft Hyper-V environments
  • New virtual disks are created partition-aligned for optimum I/O performance
  • Adjust memory, number of CPUs, and virtual disk sizes as needed, or let the system build a VM to match the production server.
  • You’re never stuck once virtualized. Recover back to physical hardware just as easily, even if the hardware is