BEX is the industry’s only all-in-one data protection product to facilitate extremely high-speed backups and recoveries with 99.99% success rates, all while achieving significant data reduction, zero-impact virtual machine protection, and requiring minimal hardware investments.

Reduce costs and enhance system efficiency with reduced backup impacts of up to 90%
Traditional, file-based backup agents exact a toll on your servers. During backup processing, they consume a significant amount of system resources, including CPU, memory, disk and network I/O. This impacts application performance and response time, and is especially harmful on virtualized servers when multiple applications are sharing computer resources. BEX eliminates the impact of backup processing through a block-based incremental backup model that reduces impact by 90% or more, leaving your applications free to perform at their required levels.

Protect critical corporate resources with reduced backup windows of 95%
Meeting backup windows has long been the most common data protection problem. When windows are missed, critical data goes unprotected, and excess staff time is spent managing the process. BEX effectively eliminates backup windows by dramatically reducing the amount of data moved during backups, shrinking backup windows from hours to minutes.

Accelerate server virtualization and position for future growth with instantaneous data recovery
Server virtualization is not just for deploying applications. It can be leveraged for rapid application recovery. BEX integrates with VMware to return an application to production within minutes using virtualization technologies. This enables your organization to virtualize more quickly and take advantage of future trends with the confidence of having a reliable, rapid data recovery system.

Limit data loss to retain more critical corporate information
Traditional once-a-day backup leaves you exposed to as much as 24 hours worth of lost data between backup cycles. This leaves your organization vulnerable when the inevitable happens. With BEX, rapid block-level backups that take only minutes mean you can backup many more times per day. BEX customers have the ability to backup every hour. This dramatically reduces your RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and limits the amount of information you could lose, sustaining vital corporate insight and business functions.

Quickly realize the value of your virtualization investment
Virtual machine density – the number of VMs on a given physical system – has a direct and highly significant correlation to the amount of money you will save on a given virtualization project. But the impact of traditional backup can limit VM density because, after a point, it becomes impossible to get all the backups done. In fact, backup is often the most critical factor in limiting the number of VMs on a server. By eliminating the impact of backup, BEX lets you maximize your VM density, thereby maximizing the ROI of your virtualization projects.