Data recovery services to end the dark ages of virtualization

While backup takes many forms, recovery shouldn’t. NetBackup with V-Ray technology is the single solution when recovery is needed—whether from tape, disk, snapshot, cloud—in a physical or virtual environment. Only NetBackup with V-Ray unifies backup, deduplication, replication, snapshots, and appliances with support for VMware and Hyper-V in a single product.

New FeaturesNetBackup Accelerator
NetBackup Accelerator dramatically reduces the time it takes to do backups by eliminating the scan to determine file change percentages, leveraging client-side deduplication, and then synthetically constructing a full backup image—with full recovery benefits, in the time it takes to do an incremental.

  • Up to 100x faster backups to better meet service level agreements
  • Less infrastructure strain because less data is being transmitted

NetBackup Replication Director
Replication Director enables integrated end-to-end control for the management and recovery of array-based snapshots and replicated snapshots, leveraging the array vendor’s underlying snapshot and replication technology.

  • Unified policy management that stretches the entire data lifecycle
  • Simplified, single pane of glass for monitoring, alerting, and reporting
  • Optimized granular file and application recovery

NetBackup Search
NetBackup Search delivers the ability to search across the entire backup environment and identify information needed for eDiscovery and compliance. Legal holds can then be placed on the files to prevent expiration.

  • Significant operational expense reduction associated with eDiscovery compliance
  • Storage savings through the ability to identify and hold only relevant information and get aware from the infinite retention mindset

Key Features

  • One platform, one console unifies virtual and physical global data protection
  • Unified global management of snapshots, replicated snapshots, backup, and recovery
  • Backup and appliance integrated, scalable global dedupe across virtual and physical
  • V-Ray one pass backup, instant image and single file restore for virtual and physical
  • Automated virtual data protection and load balanced backup performance

Key Benefits

  • Unified enterprise-class virtual and physical data protection eliminates point products, offers better visibility, leverages resources, and reduces cost, complexity, and risk when virtualizing mission-critical applications
  • V-Ray lets you search and recover a single file from an image backup in minutes instead of a manual mount, search, and restore that can take hours, even days
  • Simplified management and faster recovery of snapshots and replicated snapshots from anywhere in the backup environment
  • Always on protection of new, moved, or cloned VMs eliminates uncertainty and overloading of hosts during backups
  • NetBackup intelligent deduplication reduces storage costs with dedupe rates as high as 98% while optimizing backup performance and resources with flexible “end-to-end” deployment options