Overland Storage - REO 4600

Ability to scale from 12TB to 240TB

Features and Benefits

  • Affordably backup or archive up to 144TB of data
  • Effortlessly manage your backup and archive processes from anywhere in the world
  • Add tape drives as needed for increased performance and enhanced efficiency

Best-in-class performance, scalability, and features. Overland’s flagship VTL

Affordable, scalable, flexible. When you need disk-based backup and recovery that provides uncompromising support for growth, can be deployed as VTL or disk volumes, and doesn’t break your IT budget, the REO 4600 is your choice. With the ability to scale from 12TB to 240TB, the REO 4600 is ideal for businesses of any size.

Configurations begin with a 12-drive appliance module. Expansion is facilitated by adding up to four E2000 SAS-connected expansion arrays. Each E2000 delivers 6, 12 or 24TB, depending upon the drive size you choose. Hardware compression effectively gives the REO 4600 a total of 240TB compressed capacity without affecting performance or useable virtual tape capacity. 

Technical Specification