vmPRO Benefits

Saves Data in Native File Format

  • Amazingly fast restores with drag and drop functionality
  • Instantly boot VMs or restore files remotely without the backup application
  • Future proof flexibility – don’t get locked into a proprietary format without any flexibility

Provides Fast, Flexible VM and Single File Recovery

  • VM snap-shot function creates optimized copies of VMs on DXi appliances in native file system format
  • Provides fast, single stage restore of VMs for industry-leading recovery times
  • Provides direct access to data inside the VM for single-file restore and to support non-backup use cases such as search and security scannings
  • Instantly boot VMs from any DR site, even the cloud

Backup and Archive to Disk, Tape and Cloud

  • Recover, retrieve, and access their backup and archive data without proprietary backup applications from any medium (disk, tape and cloud)
  • User-accessible, searchable data protection and long term archive, all in native VMWare format
  • Archiving capabilities provide user-accessible, searchable archive option using LTFS tape technology Works with Existing Backup Applications to Simplify VM Integration
  • Provides direct, file system level view of VMs to third-party software for simple integration into existing backup processes
  • Light-weight application runs as a virtual appliance, eliminating cost and complexity of additional servers
  • Auto-discovers all VMs—active and inactive—to make management of dynamic environments faster and easier


  • Progressive Optimization removes extraneous data from the VMs getting the VMs back to work faster
  • Support for VMware HotAdd, allowing customers to take advantage of high speed networks for VM backup to vmPRO
  • Multiple Policy Execution allows customers to run up to 4 jobs simultaneously through a single vmPRO Virtual Appliance

Works with DXi Appliances

  • Pre-conditions data for more effective deduplication and industry-leading overall reduction
  • Full support for replication, direct path to tape, distributed deduplication, and centralized management
  • Provides single, consolidated resource for backup, recovery, DR protection, and long-term retention of physical and virtual servers

Technical Specifications

  • Native format access to backup data (CIFS or NFS)
  • Application runs on self-contained VM appliance, no extra agents or dedicated servers
  • Provides image level backup and direct, file level restore
  • Auto-discovers VMs for better protection in dynamic environments
  • Uses vStorage API to access all VMs—running or idle—from one location (Compatible with Change-Block Tracking)
  • Fully manageable within the vCenter console
  • Support for vSphere 4.X, and vSphere 5.0
  • VSS support for Windows Shadow Services
  • Reduce host, network and storage resources by up to 75% with patented Progressive Optimization

Quantum’s vmPRO Software takes a completely different and unique approach to data protection of virtual data. Deployed as a virtual appliance, vmPRO Software is a light-weight, agentless backup application that protects data in native format, an industry first. Quantum’s vmPRO Software-patented Progressive Optimization combined with DXi® appliances provides the industry’s most effective deduplication rates and the fastest VM recovery. In addition, this combination provides a platform for users to consolidate all of their backup, replication, and long-term retention across physical, virtual and cloud-based data sets.

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