Tape remains a popular storage choice for data backup and DR, long-term data retention, and unstructured data archives. Tape’s cost benefit, durability, portability, and off-line protection from ransomware are among the reasons for its sustained popularity. As IT organizations wrestle with rapid unstructured data growth and the increased risk of ransomware attacks, along with the business realities of resource constraints, it’s critical for IT solutions to maximize efficiencies beyond just acquisition costs

​Scalar i3 is a tape library designed for small-to-medium size environments with a feature set focused on saving time and money. The Scalar iLayer management software—proven to reduce management time and improve system uptime—has been fully refreshed for even greater efficiencies and a modern, intuitive user experience. Scalar i3 can scale from 25 cartridge slots up to 200 slots, or 3PB on-demand, simplifying capacity planning and budgeting. And its highly efficient design—with features like the best storage density and 80 PLUS certified power supplies—allows customers to reduce their tape footprint as part of their backup/DR strategy and for departmental archives. 

Features and Benefits

  • iLayer Intelligent Software:  Brings system setup and management to a whole new level of ease, saving valuable time.
  • Capacity-on-Demand Growth:  Simplifies storage provisioning by scaling capacity quickly and easily, without disruption.
  • Best-in-Class Storage Density:  Saves valuable data center footprint with the highest tape storage per rack U.
  • 80 PLUS Certified Power Supplies:  High efficiency, green power supplies minimize power and cooling costs.
  • Advanced Reporting:  Media, drive, and media security reports help balance system resources, improve security, and improve budget and planning.Automated report scheduling and distribution save time.
  • High Availability Features:  Redundant power supplies and control path failover reduce downtime in the event of failure.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Diagnostics:  Resolves issues before impacting operations, to maximize system uptime and minimize operational expenses.
  • Encryption Key Management:  FIPS-validated solution with KMIP support makes it easy to manage keys, mitigating risk of lost data. AES 256-bit encryption standard for highest levels of security.​

Technical Specification / Datasheet

Quantum - Scalar i3

The Easy, Efficient, and Scalable Tape Library