Quantum - QSX-4 48 Bay

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Using 4004 controllers, the Ultra48 SAN storage arrays provide high-density SAN storage options for HPC, Cloud, and Big Data applications. Using high-performance SAS and SSD drives and ultra computing power to deliver 6.4 Gibabytes/second performance. The Ultra48 can house up to 48 drives, increasing storage performance density by 200 percent within a 2-rackunit space. These high-density SANs are ideal for IT managers in the Media and Entertainment, Oil & Gas, Research, Cloud Computing, and Telecommunications industries.

Technical Specification

  Features and Benefits 

  • Maximize your storage performance within a small high-density 2-rackunit form factor
  • Be free from paying for additional capacity licenses
  • Easily access drives using the three extensible drawers
  • Experience to 6400 MB/s per second sequential reads, 5300 MB/s sequential writes
  • Support the latest network speeds: 16Gb or 8Gb Fibre Channel, 12Gb or 6Gb SAS, and 10Gb or 1Gb iSCSI
  • Accelerate IO with your mix of high-performance HDD and SSD drives
  • Reduce waste, eliminate battery maintenance, and secure cache memory with patented EcoStor™ battery-free cache backup
  • Experience 99.999% uptime using RAIDar’s monitoring capability
  • Train your staff quickly using our GUI management interface.
  • Scale with your business needs to 230 Terabytes

Ultra High-Density Models

The AssuredSAN Ultra48 High-Density SAN storage arrays are designed for datacenter professionals and supercomputing centers that require the very highest storage performance within a small footprint. By delivering an ultra high-density SAN with 48 drives in a two-rackunit form factor, IT managers maximize datacenter space, and deliver on performance, energy savings, ease-of-maintenance, ease-of-use, and reliability.