• LTO™ (Linear Tape-Open)
  • 2 Media Cartridges (200/400GB)
  • DLT™ Media (40/80GB)
  • DLT™ Cleaning Cartridges
  • Super DLTtape™ Cartridges (110/220GB - 160/320GB)
  • Sony AIT Media

These products feature:

  • External-only connectivity or a combination of internal/external connectivity
  • SATA/SAS flexibility
  • PCI-X and PCI Express host interfaces
  • Embedded CPU in ASIC performs RAID operations
  • Full-height or MD-2 small form factor
  • Integrated RAID available on certain boards


APC Rack Enclosures
APC rack enclosures address many of the emerging trends and issues IT managers face today by incorporating new features and benefits that allow customers to create a more effective IT environment. Increasing server depths combined with the requirement for more effective cable management and power distribution has led to a need for deeper enclosures. Increasing power densities have led to a need for enclosures that provide superior ventilation. Varying IT requirements have led to a need for a more robust offering of enclosure sizes and options. The desire for quick deployment of IT solutions has led to a need for enclosure solutions that are easy to use and install. APC rack enclosures have been designed with all of these trends in mind.

Uninterrupted Power Supply
Extended run power protection for servers, networks, and telecommunications

Protects your data by supplying reliable, network-grade power with scalable run-time in tower and rack mount form factors. With optional, matching battery packs, run-time can be easily extended and optimized for the application. APC understands long run-time requirements so; this UPS can be configured with up to 10 additional battery packs - for run-times exceeding 24 hours, if necessary. The convergence of voice and data networks is placing higher demands on availability expectations - and the this UPS delivers. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), e-commerce, WiFi ("hotspots", WLAN/ WWAN, and mixed wireless), and data enabled PBX's are a few of the applications driving the need for this UPS. It is also the perfect UPS for fileservers (Intel or UNIX based), minicomputers, Network switches and hubs, ATM's, telecommunications systems and other mission-critical applications requiring longer runtime.

Uninterrupted Power Supply
End-to-end Availability Solutions for Data/Communication Networks.

Scalable, redundant power protection for centralized IT equipment in medium to large data centers. Advances in Large Corporation computing, storage technologies, an increasing power demand, requires a change in Large Corporation power protection technology. Combined with the complete line of APC datacenter protection software and accessories it provide