PAC Storage - SP2224s

Scalable Up to 432TB

Features and Benefits

  • 2U rack-mount enclosure
  • Up to 24 SFF SAS and SATA hard disk drives or solid state drives
  • Expansion capability up to 144 drives
  • Dual 6Gb SAS I/O modules with integral data path redundancy
  • Adaptive cooling technology
  • 80+ percent efficient power conversion
  • Maximum of 14.4 GB/s in a dual controller configuration
  • Deploys the latest SAS to SATA drive bridging technology

SP2224s Extensible Storage Platform
In high-value, transaction-intensive environments ranging from email servers and corporate databases to online-trading and POS processing, time is money. IT executives must adapt to tighter Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements demanding faster response times and higher availability, while at the same time reducing data center power consumption. The OneStor SP2224s is designed for maximum IOPS at minimum energy consumption. This is achieved by utilizing enterprise-class 2.5" Small From Factor (SFF) SAS drives. As the industry makes this important transition to SFF technology, PAC Storage is leading the way to higher IOPS density and more efficient use of data center floor tile space.                   

Technical Specification