Features and Benefits

  • Single (2) or Dual (4) 4Gb/s high speed Fibre Channel host connections per system Up to 96 high performance SAS and cost effective SATA drives in one system
  • Full RAID 6 & Snapshot support for up to 512 snaps (see StorView demo)
  • StorViewTM controller or host-based management software
  • Dual active high availability and low cost single controller configurations
  • Host-based dynamic multi-pathing for high availability
  • Online capacity growth through dynamic array and LUN expansion
  • Redundant, modular design: hot-swappable components
  • Fully customizable fascia & management interface
  • New Power Management Features (Power Management PDF )

Today’s data-rich business environment presents a unique challenge for the storage manager.
F6412E storage solution solves the complex and ever-changing storage challenges small and medium businesses face. Combining Fibre Channel (FC) connectivity with Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA) drive technology, the F6412E provides maximum flexibility to solutions integrators and OEMs, resulting in a cost-effective, ultra-high performance solution with the scalability and functionality necessary to meet the demands of today’s most rigorous applications.

Businesses can choose the appropriate storage to support their specific applications, resulting in an economical solution with both functionality and reliability. By leveraging the SAS full duplex, point-to-point architecture with dedicated connections, the F6412E delivers maximum data throughput, thereby providing faster, more responsive applications. In addition, the F6412E sustains maximum throughput (MB/s) for high bandwidth applications ranging from video editing and high performance computing to database-intensive online transaction processing.

SAS drives in the F6412E storage system deliver the exceptional performance required in primary storage. SATA-II drives in the F6412E provide the combination of high-capacity and cost-effective data storage normally found in near-line storage. Using SATA disks with their low cost-per-gigabyte design, the F6412E provides a cost-effective online repository for non-business-critical data, and offers the many advantages of tiered storage to the Small and Medium Business (SMB) market.                    

Technical Specification

PAC Storage - PAC Storage F6412E