Overland Storage - NEO Storage Loader

Scalable Up to 50TB in a 1U Form Factor

Features and Benefits

  • Affordably backup or archive up to 50TB of data
  • Effortlessly manage your backup and archive processes from anywhere in the world
  • Remote Management
  • Removable Cartridge Magazines​

The NEOs StorageLoader brings easy, affordable high-capacity backup and archive capability to small office environments on a limited budget. Packing up to 50TB in a compact 1u form factor, the NEOs StorageLoader combines ease-of-use features and dependable operation to make efficient, cost-effective offline storage a reality for the most budget-challenged business. The simplicity of the NEOs StorageLoader also makes it an ideal solution for remote office locations looking to reliably protect important data and move it offsite. And if your current data protection strategy involves copying/moving data to a single, desktop tape drive or a tape drive contained in your server, NEOs StorageLoader provides the convenience and reliability of automated data backup, making NEOs StorageLoader the ideal 1st step into automated backup and archive.        

Technical Specification