Features and Benefits

  • Fastest backups and shortest backup windows with optimal recovery point at the disaster recovery site
  • Fastest full system restore (from full backup copy on disk)
  • Instant VM Recovery (with Veeam)
  • No expansion of backup windows as data grows
  • Seamless scalability as data grows with no forklift upgrades
  • No obsolescence of previous model systems as data grows
  • Protected data at rest with 256-bit AES encryption (encrypted models only); data is never in the clear on the disk storage using FIPS 140-2 Validated Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs)

Scalability and Performance

The ExaGrid appliance product line consists of 10 appliances. Each appliance is sized for a full backup and for long-term retention.

Any appliance can be mixed and matched in the same scale-out GRID with any other appliance, which allows customers to buy what they need as they need it. Up to 14 appliances can be combined in a single GRID, and the largest GRID can take in a 448TB full backup.

All appliance and GRIDs are managed by a single user interface. Multiple GRIDs can be deployed in a single site which allows for full backups up to petabytes.

ExaGrid offers 10 appliance models that can be mixed and matched with up to 14 appliances in a single scale-out GRID. The largest scale-out GRID can take in a 448TB full backup with an ingest rate of over 100TB/hr. 

Technical Specification

ExaGrid - EX Series

Scalable GRID Architecture

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