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eDiscovery and Tape Remediation Services

Do you know what information or liability is contained on your back up tapes?

Sometime down the road, if not already, specific data from backup tapes will be requested by legal. Some corporate legal teams have issued a mandate to not touch tapes; others have been forced to do so. Either way stricter regulations are forcing the issue.

Storing old tapes is not only a potential liability, but also a wasted expense. Even if it costs only a few dollars a month to store a tape - it adds up. Additionally, since these old tapes are not being recycled, new tapes must be purchased for ongoing tape backups. This expense alongside the storage costs quickly becomes a large item in the budget. This IT expense could easily be allocated to something more useful for the organization.

Consider Tape Remediation

In the past it was not cost effective to remediate the mountains of tape stored offsite. New technology now makes this feasible, and is quickly becoming a best practice for any organization that is faced with legal events. As legal and IT work together, tape remediation is quickly becoming the preferred method to reduce corporate liability, and expand IT’s ever-shrinking budget.

How we can help in 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Physical inventory chain of custody log , recording label info, serial#, case information

Step 2: Catalog Tape Header information validating date, server, host and label information

Step 3:Index Email and file servers to enable search , tagging and extraction

All steps are compiled into a Tape Analysis Report which shows you details by server type, by year, with results of cataloging and indexing from the sample. This will give you insight into what data you have, what you data you can access and a strategy to get to your legacy data on backup tapes.

Email Forensics - Email Recovery

Email Forensic Services - Email Discovery from Backup or Archival

WCT has performed email content forensic services for various court cases and has provided expert testimony related to email content.

Is your company at risk for lawsuits or fines stemming from email content?
WCT will analyze your backup and archival processes to determine the best approach needed to provide the information you require. We can provide this to the court directly or to your corporate counsel.

WCT can perform these services onsite in your environment, or in WCT's secure facility. We meet all of the court's requirements for the security needed to ensure the integrity of your data during the content extraction process.

We can optionally bypass the need to completely duplicate your email server and backup server hardware configuration to support the restores.

WCT's software tools can read the backup tape directly and extract email information and perform keyword search without requiring that the data be restored.

We will create output for the court and opposing counsel on CD. Tape duplicates can be provided to the court if required.

WCT will also assist the court in configuring their system to read and analyze the data we provide.

WCT's process supports all backup software including:

  • Veritas
  • Legato
  • Tivoli Storage Manager
  • CA Enterprise Backup
  • CA Arcserve
  • CommVault
  • Dell Software
  • Harbor

WCT also supports all email archive systems, such as:

  • AttachStor
  • FrontBridge
  • KVS
  • Fujitsu Softek
  • Zantos
  • Tumbleweed
  • Iron Mountain
  • CA
  • EMC

WCT supports all email servers such as:

  • Exchange 5.5
  • Exchange 2000
  • Lotus Notes
  • CC Mail

WCT supports all tape media including:

  • 4mm, 8mm, DAT
  • IBM Magstar and all STK devices