Disaster Recovery

Traditional disaster recovery solutions fall short in supporting your frantic efforts to get a failed server back online. Plus, they offer limited value when recovering operating systems, network and system settings, application binaries, and disk partitions. NetVault solutions, on the other hand, let you quickly and completely rebuild a failed server and keep your users productive.

Backup and Recovery
Protect your enterprise data across multiple physical, virtual and application environments to ensure optimal availability. NetVault backup and recovery products provide traditional data backup to disk and tape, as well as optional deduplication to maximize storage efficiency. These solutions provide unsurpassed ease of use, advanced functionality and built-in scalability to manage resources across a diverse range of physical and virtual platforms.

Data Replication
Simplify enterprise data replication with NetVault replication solutions. These products make it easy to replicate multiple copies of virtual or physical data for any purpose, including high availability, migrations and upgrades, operational reporting and disaster recovery. These solutions are not only easy to use, they're also easy to try – simply download a trial and see for yourself.

Data Deduplication
Reduce the amount of storage you have to manage, maximize flexibility and shrink your backup windows. It's easy with the NetVault solution for disk-based backup. It offers flexible job-level deduplication, so you can select which data you want to deduplicate, ensuring you don't deduplicate data that does not lend itself to deduplication, such as encrypted files.