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Data Migration

Tape Copy Services

Tape Conversion

  • Copying data from one tape media type to another, such as DLT to Magstar.
  • Converting archive data from product to product, such as Veritas to TSM, TSM to Arcserve and Legato to Veritas without modifying the data reference dates.
  • Stacking data on same or new media type.
  • If required, the new cartridge shall have the same volume serial number on the external label and internally be an identical copy of the original data format. Or, all meta data such as the catalog or inventory file will be updated with the new volume serial number.
  • The output cartidges and labels may be provided by the client.

Media Types Include:

  • 4mm
  • 8mm
  • DLT
  • SDLT
  • LTO
  • 3420
  • 3480 (18-track)
  • 3490 (36-track)
  • 9840
  • Timberline
  • Redwood
  • Magstar, etc.


  • Client will identify what cartridges are to be converted or stacked and provide prelabeled, initialized tape media for the duplications.
  • Stand-alone processing will be done on-site or at the client's site, using either client provided tape transports and PCs or WCT provided drives.
  • The data will be transferred or stacked, and any input tapes that can not be read due to data checks or other error conditions will be tried twice and then returned to the client for disposition.